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Poetic Break is the gathering of 25 unique poems. A third has been written in French, a third in

English and a third in Spanish. That international and multicultural dimension is the root of Sandra Lorinquer’s poetry. Indeed, a lot of her poems have been directly or indirectly inspired by people met

during her travels. Each poem was kept in the original language it was written.

The photography of Muntsa Darné is the punctuation of the poems. They dress up Sandra’s words

where they need it so as to leave more time to think them through. They force us to consider and 

imagine the different meanings more or less hidden in the verses. Because in poetry, same as in life,

each word can hide a thousand others according to what one has experienced.

Poetic Break is the gathering of two different arts which are completing each other in order to give

themselves another dimension. The photography and the poetry are fortifying each other, arguing

the same subjects but in a completely different way. Both are helping each other to go back and

forth between the concrete and the interpretation anyone believes, can or wants to see through

their eyes, heart and own life experiences.


"Ça se grouille de partir, ça se grouille d’arriver

 Ça se grouille de désirer puis ça se lasse tout aussi vite 

 Ça se grouille de vivre en oubliant combien il est précieux 

 D’apprendre à prendre et apprécier son temps"

"Comemos sin estar hambrientos

 Bebemos antes de sentirnos sedientos

 Compramos por encima de lo que necesitamos

 Y para tener éxitos, nos excedemos"

"Admiration for all of these women

 So often deprived of their opinion

 Forced to settle for an archaic vision    

 Or to fight despite risking the prison"


Thirty years of meeting people and travelling put down on paper in two years.


In an amateur and sensitive poetry, I am gathering here my questions, my indignations and a part of my heart discussing everything from love to societal problems without forgetting ecology.


I am not pretending having any answers. My goal is not to convince but only to share some of my thoughts.

Sandra Lorinquer

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